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What I hope for this blog is for me to be able to share stories about some of the insights and experiences I have had that have been most enlightening and cathartic in my life. Although I am no one you know I still hope that my readers will find commonalities in my stories that help them understand themselves, in the past or the present, and perhaps through sharing comments and stories open a dialogue to continue that process of self-awareness and understanding. This isn’t meant to be an advice column format but rather a place where you and I can share whatever stories we have in an anonymous fashion. We can choose to ask for the input of others, or just lay out our stories for ourselves, the act of sharing being the end point with no desire for comment or introspection by others. Its your choice. Its feels empowering and freeing to let these stories out so go ahead and unburden some psychic weight or share something joyful and revel in that feeling and the sharing of it. So I ask you again, what story would you like to tell to no one you know?

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