A short about assumptions

Not necessarily stories but just scribbles about things I think are worth mentioning

Greek gods and grease

Yesterday afternoon a man called at the house to fix our dishwasher.  If you really must know it wasn’t draining properly and pulling out the filter and poking around in the drain area did nothing.  A couple of inches of murky water resulting in me meeting the most interested handyman I have ever encountered.  I should add that I don’t have a rich history of handymen encounters, but this guy was definitely special.  He asked me if I had seen any good films lately.  I assumed this was probably his safe conversation starter,  casually asked as he pulled out tubes and washers and examined them for fitness.  I told him that I had finally seen Crazy Rich Asians because I thought it was important as someone interested in inter-sectional feminism to see a main stream movie featuring an all Asian cast.  He hadn’t seen it and also didn’t blanch at my mention of feminism or need a primer on how it related to the movie.  Instead, he said “that’s interesting, well then you should definitely go and see Aqua man”.   I was already considering Aqua Man, for decidedly non feminist reasons so I was eager to find out why he was suggesting it.  “Oh Aqua Man, the whole character is really a representation of female energy” he said.  Tell me more about that I said.  What followed next was a fascinating examination of Greek Gods and gender in mythology, male and female protagonists in the tarot, left versus right brain thinking and inevitably an examination of the hideously large and stinky grease slug that emerged from one of the hoses.  It was a truly enriching 45 minutes of my life and I was left with lots of thoughts to ponder.  Is my left brain really the seat of my masculine energy?  how I shouldn’t make assumptions about people’s interests based on their profession and importantly how to up my pre-wash game when it comes to  that dishwasher!

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