A short about naps

Not necessarily stories, but short scribbles that I think are worth mentioning ……….

I wish I was better at napping

The males in my household (think husband and dog) can nap just about anywhere at any time, planned or unplanned. I marvel at and resent their ability to just drift off. I’m just not a good napper, even when I’m sprawled decadently on the living room couch with a full belly and the lights down low. Retiring to the bedroom for some brief but restorative ZZZ’s also not prone to be successful. Airplanes, forget it, I carve up flight times into how many movies I can cram in. I’m a decent sleeper though when I commit to the full 8 hours in a proper bed. I fall asleep pretty easily and rarely wake in the night. When I do its game over, mind has fully engaged and body’s need for rest is out the window. I think I’m not alone in this.

The one exception to the “can’t nap” phenomena is the super crappy sofa bed in my home office. It’s a terrible piece of furniture. It’s design is too clever in that the back and the arms fold down to form a totally level surface. There is no lifting and pulling out of a metal frame and mattress from under the couch cushions. No, this thing is a ‘transformer’ that with a few clicks and clunks shifts it shape and provides you with a queen sized sleeping area, that just happens to have more undulations that the frontal cortex. After a few years of use if it’s not pressed up against the wall one of the back panels kind of droops, like its had a minor stroke. It’s actually pretty great for deterring regular house guests. However, for some unknown reason it is the piece of furniture in our household that is most likely to facilitate my napping. I can get up from my desk, walk over to this couch, arrange myself in a completely supine position and surrender to the nap. It’s quite perplexing to me as I’m always a side sleeper and this couch is hard. It’s like lying flat on a board but apparently that’s the secret sauce for my napping. My mother-in-law has offered to get us a better sofa bed, her motives are very transparent and I don’t mean to be cruel but I need my naps more than I need for her to come stay. The crappy sofa is staying!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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