A short about finding happiness where you can

Not necessarily stories, but just small scribbles about things that I think are worth mentioning ..

Finding delight

Life right now can feel like a constant ping pong between hope and despair.  Some days I am optimism with a side of cynicism and others I feel overwhelmed by what we have absorbed as our new normal and how much needs to be done.  I can’t disengage, however tempting that seems, I sense that if we do, that is how we will ultimately get defeated.

Instead I look for small things that delight me everyday.  Most often it’s tales of animal rescue.  I cant get enough of those Dodo videos.  Today I was enthralled for the entire 3 minutes it took for the family on the beach to free the entangled crab.    Later it might be an abandoned puppy or a mama duck separated from her ducklings.   These small acts of altruism are pure magic to behold. I highly recommend them as a strategy to get through those really tough days. 

crab on beach
Photo by Alexsandro Rosa de Mello on Pexels.com

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