A short about responsibility

Not necessarily stories, but just small scribbles about things that I think are worth mentioning ..

Squirrel Heaven

If you don’t follow Johnny Harris on Vox for his Borders series you are really missing out.  He just did a great video about why there are hippos in Colombia.  Fat, contented hippos that are living their best life in Colombia courtesy of Pablo Escobar.

My confession, while I have not  illegally smuggled large mammals into this country, I have kinda created my own ecological problem in that I may be responsible for a squirrel obesity epidemic in my neighborhood.   I can’t resist the little critters.  Those beady yet gentle little eyes, the theatrical nature of their tails in full swish and the cute way they hold seeds in their paws and nibble away.   My morning routine consists of putting out water, whole peanuts in the shell and a few shallow dishes of critter mix for my furry friends.   Within mere seconds of my arrival at the feeding spot the scurry starts to assemble.  They come from all corners of the yard, some keeping a watchful distance in the trees waiting for me to depart while the embolden ones come up close and impatiently hop from foot to foot.  The mama squirrels are the most fearless, they look me dead in the eye as they run up to take a peanut from my hand.  One particular female has been known to come up to the patio door and raise herself up on her hind legs to peer in.  “Hey lady, got anymore of those sunflower seeds?”  It’s all too adorable.  Having said that, these critters, at my hand, are getting fat.  This is not just in a ‘this is my winter weight” kind of way.  They have girth, they are rotund, they are portly and a few may even be starting to waddle a bit.  Unlike the hippos in Colombia my scurry does have natural predators in their environment; cats, hawks and coyote for sure.  So I know what I have to do.  It’s in their best interests that I refrain from making them slower moving and more plumptious prey.  It’s going to be hard though as I really enjoy my little bit of squirrel heaven.

close up of squirrel eating outdoors
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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